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Brenda Dillon - Arranger | Pianist | Educator

“As Project Director for the Piano Manufacturers Association International and the National Piano Foundation, Brenda served on their board for more than twenty-five years. Because the members of these organizations respected her knowledge and experience and trusted her, she capably represented the teaching community at this influential table.” 

Brian Chung, former Senior Vice President of Kawai America Corporation

“Brenda has done more to align the interests of educators, manufacturers, retailers and industry associations than any single person in the music community. The bridges that she has built among these entities remain firmly in place today as a result of her work. She has helped to bring the experience of playing a keyboard instrument well beyond its natural and traditional boundaries to reach more adult students and recreational music makers than ever before.” 

Terry Lewis, former Chairman of Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute

“I cannot think of anyone more deserving of the MTNA Distinguished Service Award. Brenda Dillon is one of the most beloved individuals in all of MTNA and the entire music industry. Her list of accomplishments is extensive.”

Dr. Gary Ingle, Executive Director & CEO of Music Teachers National Association



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